Tuesday, March 12, 2013

19 Feb 2013 (#3)

Kumusta po kayo father!

Dude, I am JEALOUS. Homygoodness I am jealous ;) I want to go hunting sooo bad.

Oo, Tagalog is going mabuti, mas mabuti. We've learned so much in the last almost-week. We're praying, bearing testimony, and teaching in Tagalog. We're teaching our first investigator and she talks so flipping fast. She'll look at us all expectantly after like a 2 minute long speech, and Elder Wilson (my kasama) and I will just be like ".....uh...oo." hahaha oo means "yes".

Anywho, my kasama is Elder Wilson, and our roomies are a Tongan and an Aussie, Elder Vaitai and Taylor respectively. Elder Taylor is sooo hilarious xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Hahaha we have these things called "Narnia chutes" in the room and they're A/C vents where previous missionaries leave crap for the next Elders who room there. And we found a nerf gun with like 20 bullets. Elder Vaitai picks one up, and says in a thick Tongan accent "I am go-een to shoot all da othah meesionaries" and he runs out of the room and we hear all these screams and it was hilarious. Him and Elder Taylor don't really get along. xxxxxx will just wander off and we'll have to go look for him for like an hour.

Dude, the weather? Not too bad ;) Just a little nippy in the mornings ;)

Well hey, my time's almost up. But I sent an email to mom too you can read. Next time I'll email you first so I can write you a longer one ;) I love you dad, and miss you!

Elder Rand 

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