Tuesday, March 12, 2013

12 Mar 2013

Magandang umaga! So it is 3:46 in the morning as of right now, and I am in the laundry room waiting for my clothes to be done! Our entire district is down here, who's bright idea it was to come at this time, I don't know. But it officially sucks. I've slept about three hours! Whoo-hoo. 

So anyway. It's been a really long week. Tagalog is coming, but I feel like we're not really going to learn any more, besides like vocab, until we get out to the Philippines and start using it. Two districts in our zone shipped off yesterday and it got me soooo anxious to leave. We all cannot wait to go. The days here are too structured. I cannot wait to get into the field. 

Haha, so funny story about Elder Vaitai. A couple stories actually..

So he was introduced to laxatives as part of his surgery, because he can't take "strong dumps" (his doctor's words). And he has this friend from Fiji, and he's like "'Ey Fiji! Come eat dis orange lolly (candy in Australian, which Elder Taylor taught him)". And so Fiji eats it, and later that night I guess he crapped allllll over his bed, and had to get a new mattress. Hahahahhaha it was hilarious :)

And then, so we haven't seen him all day, and he comes walking into the cafeteria on crutches. And so we asked him why he had them, and why the doctor's making him use them. And it took like five minutes for him to tell us the truth: he stole them while some kid was crapping on the toilet in the bathroom and ran away with them. So that poor kid was sitting on the toilet waiting for him to bring them back. Hahahahahahahaha it makes me laugh writing this, but I did feel bad for the kid too. 

The temple has been good! It's nice going every week, and we know we're not going to be able to go in the Philippines so it makes every chance we get to go that much better. 

Uhmm....so my official departure date is March 25. We get our travel plans this Thursday I believe, so I will send that to you on Tuesday. 

Caitlin, thanks for the letter! I am writing you back, so I don't want to be repetitive and say everything in this email, but that's cool about your date! ;) I'm pretty jealous you're going to the beach too. Ahh I can't wait to see the beach over there. Oh and yes. The food is horrible.

Aleigha, thanks for your letters too. And yes I found them all in my bags! Hahaha thanks a lot :) I wrote a song for you just now. It goes a little something like this:

Aleigha and xxxxxx sitting in a tree. H-U-G-G-I-N-G. 

That's all. No kissing! 

Maile, thanks for your letter too :) It makes me super super happy hearing from you! Did you guys get a new dog yet? 

Mom and Dad, thanks for everything :) I miss you guys a lot! Mom, I realllllly miss your cooking. Because this food has just gotten so unappetizing. I'm doing very well so don't worry about me :) Oh however, the ATM is kind of dodgy here, and I need to take out some money. I think I need $200 for the airport right? If I can, I'll withdraw some money this week. If not can I use my debit card at the airport? Thanks! Mom how's your leg?? And that's cool your calling is starting to pick up a little bit. Dad how's work? Oh hey I found my razors! :) Oh hey mom! I'm sending a little package to Shelbi, could you give it to her when you can? Thanks mom :)

Shelbi, thank you for all of your letters :) However, I would love to get some pictures of you!! Mom, could you maybe remind her everytime you see her? ;) Because I don't have any pictures, and it really bums me out..But hey! How is your life? How are you doing? It's going to suck not getting mail until I transfer, but hopefully you'll be getting mine often. Hey will you send me your address? I can't remember the first four numbers. :( 2679 E Edward Ln? Something like that? Salamat :) Hey be expecting a package from me soon! I'm sending it today, and it has the last few day's letters in it so if you don't get a letter for a few days it's because they're in that package :) I love you <3 Please be safe Shelbi, I'm praying for you always.

So mom and dad (maybe just dad, I'm not sure you know how mom) could you please forward these to xxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxx? Thank you sooo much! And thanks again for the packages :) They made me so happy! Ingat kayo! I love you and miss you all so much! Have fun getting a better dog, and be safe! Dad, don't get too stressed in work :) I will see you all soon! 

It's already been a month!! ...Tomorrow!! 

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